Even in the offseason, the Houston Rockets and Auburn Tigers are still taking some massive L's.

Apparently, Twitter had a purge early this morning, suspending the accounts of serial disappointments or playoff chokers. Along with the Rockets and Tigers, Iowa, Iowa State, and Rutgers also saw their football Twitter accounts mysteriously disappear, presumably due to being flagged for DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) issues.

It remains unclear if there was an actual rule these accounts had violated or if some faulty algorithm went haywire and flagged these accounts for something far more questionable.

Twitter blanket-suspending a bunch of accounts is not uncommon, as several years ago, the football accounts for Georgia, Missouri, and USF were all suspended on National Signing Day. In the interim, the rest of the Twitterverse is just as confused as anyone about what's been happening.

There is a 99.9% chance that this can simply be chalked up to a random technology mishap. However, it's it kind of hilarious that serial chokers Auburn and the Rockets were blacklisted at the same time.