Horace Grant Calls Michael Jordan Out for Revealing Bulls Players' Drug Use

Chicago Bulls star Horace Grant
Chicago Bulls star Horace Grant / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Former Chicago Bulls teammates Michael Jordan and Horace Grant remain good friends to this day, even though Jordan's maniacal behavior apparently led to him trying to deny Grant meals after bad games back in the day.

That friendship might be tested after the release of "The Last Dance," however. Grant called out Jordan for both attacking him personally and "snitching" on illicit behavior from some of his Bulls teammates early in his career in response to the documentary.

Grant took issue with several aspects of the documentary, most notably Jordan identifying the power forward as the primary source that gave writer Sam Smith enough inside info to publish the book The Jordan Rules, which detailed some sideways behavior from the best player in the league at the time. Grant called the idea of him leaking info to Smith a "downright, outright lie."

Grant, along with former Bull Craig Hodges, also didn't like how he mentioned the sex and drug-filled escapades of his Bulls teammates as a rookie, claiming that it was uncalled for, as it had nothing to do with the narrative of the documentary.

The documentary was entertaining, but everything merged to feel like a 10-hour-long autobiography of Jordan's life and career. Naturally, Jordan wanted to take some shots at people, Grant among them. One person here is flat-out lying when it comes to the issue of leaking info to Smith, and it seems really bizarre for them to be so adamant about doing so all these years later.