Here's Why MLB Players Are So Angry About 2020 Season Talks

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark is taking on the owners in 2020 negotiations.
MLBPA executive director Tony Clark is taking on the owners in 2020 negotiations. / Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Fans remain hopeful of a 2020 MLB season. The first step toward returning was the owners submitting a proposal to the players. That proposal has complicated things and now we are witnessing a fight between both sides.

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell was one of the more notable players to speak out against what the owners proposed. The key factor angering players is the idea of reduced salaries and a 50/50 revenue split in a sport that doesn't have a salary cap.

Snell points out how he is already losing half his money before other cuts are made and before taxes are taken out. This all comes after the owners and players agreed to prorated salaries. Now the players feel like the owners suddenly renegotiated new terms out of thin air, pulling the rug out from under them in the process.

The owners seemed to leak terms with the goal of getting the general public on their side if the players fight back.

Players are also concerned for their safety and general well-being during what is still an ongoing pandemic. The money may not be worth it, as Snell mentions, if there is a risk of contracting and potentially spreading COVID-19.

There is already a general distrust between players and owners. The owners like to keep their books private and are always trying to make a profit. That can come at the expense of players and those actually playing the games are fighting back.

The entire situation may get ugly and unfortunately, the fans will suffer as well.