Here's What a Braves-Cubs Trade for Kris Bryant Would Look Like Right Now

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant
Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB trade deadline has officially been set for August 31st, which gives the Chicago Cubs a whole extra month to decide if they want to move off of former NL MVP Kris Bryant.

Even though the Cubs might be in the middle of a pennant race once again, they have done little to calm down the Bryant trade rumors. If the superstar infielder is still available, the Atlanta Braves should go all out to pick him up and replace Josh Donaldson.

Even if the Braves are unwilling to give away top prospect Christian Pache, a totally reasonable hill to die on, they have enough ammo in the minor leagues to facilitate a deal. Outfielder Drew Waters shows legit five-tool potential, and he could hit the major leagues as soon as next year, which should be a major boon for a Cubs team still looking to contend.

Along with Waters, the Cubs should demand some pitching help as well for a system that could definitely use it. Look no further than Kyle Muller or Tucker Davidson, both ready to make a major league impact immediately. The Cubs need to insist on getting prospects that won't have to marinate in the minor leagues for a few years.

Should the Braves need to sweeten the pot, another top-20 prospect, perhaps third baseman CJ Alexander, could do the trick.

Even though the pandemic might prevent the Cubs from getting the king's ransom that Bryant would normally command, adding a future star in Waters could be enough to finally get a deal done and send Bryant to Atlanta.