Giants GM Dave Gettleman is Already Preparing an Excuse if He Ever Bails on Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones launches a ball downfield against the Philadelphia Eagles
Daniel Jones launches a ball downfield against the Philadelphia Eagles | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

New York Giants front office boss David Gettleman is basically throwing now-former G-Men head coach Pat Shurmur under the bus pre-emptively. All you have to do is read his latest comment regarding last year's No. 6 overall pick, quarterback Daniel Jones.

Gettleman said this week that Shurmur was the person in the Giants organization who was "most enamored" of Jones. It's almost like he's pre-establishing an eventual excuse for if and when the team decides to make a major change at QB.

Potentially ditching Jones and pinning his very existence on the Giants' roster on Shurmur would be a cowardly move, though it must be noted that there's no evidence such a decision is anywhere close to materializing. Of course, if things ever came to that, the sincere hope would be that Gettleman takes his share of the responsbility (if he's even still in charge at that point).

If the Giants want to succeed as an organization, every key decision-maker must be on the same page. Once they have a new head coach in place to succeed Shurmur, that person needs to be able to find harmony with ownership and the front office.

In his rookie season Jones performed admirably despite so much criticism regarding his draft position. He doesn't deserve nearly the amount of hate he's gotten. If anything, he should only be more motivated to perform at a high level in light of Gettleman's puzzling remark.