Giancarlo Stanton Shares Incredible Story From Night He Smashed Homer Out of Dodger Stadium

Giancarlo Stanton's memories of Dodger Stadium are awesome
Giancarlo Stanton's memories of Dodger Stadium are awesome /

In 2015, Giancarlo Stanton became the fourth player to knock a baseball fully out of the park at Dodger Stadium. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and his homecoming party with the Miami Marlins rocked the majors. On Tuesday, Stanton revealed that there was a long history leading up to that monster hit.

When Stanton was just 10 years old, he told his father, he would hit one over the fence in LA. They had a good laugh about it, but 15 years later, he came through on his guarantee. The New York Yankees superstar detailed the entire saga of the hit in a fascinating Twitter thread.

Turns out, a young Stanton actually predicted that this would all go down someday.

Barely muscle-bound at the time, he STILL saw this coming.

Of COURSE, as you must've expected in this dream-like story, Stanton's pops was there to witness the blast, five years ago.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?

It took Stanton until his sixth season to do it, but he cemented himself in baseball history. That his dad was there is just icing on the cake. Later that season, he was named an All-Star for the third time in his career, but it's doubtful any moment that year could have topped his reunion with his dad after setting a record in his hometown stadium.

Stanton said he hopes his fond memories can be shared by fans during this time without baseball. We totally agree.