10 Funniest Tweets After Another Disastrous Jason Garrett Coaching Performance vs Bears on TNF

Twitter tore apart Jason Garrett
Twitter tore apart Jason Garrett

How Jason Garrett still has a job is beyond us, but Dallas and Jerry Jones opted to let him coach yet another meaningful game in the NFC playoff race, only to see the Cowboys lose to the Chicago Bears.

Garrett's team look woefully unprepared, per usual, and while Jones has insisted to give Dallas' coach until the end of the season to prove himself, his patience may be waning.

Get that man his unemployment! Welfare is a right, even for football coaches.

Let the record show that no NFC East team deserves a playoff spot.

We already can't tell the difference.

We'd be surprised if he makes it until the team flight.

The team did seem fairly frustrated...maybe they've sold out?

It is miraculous in its own right. He should've been outed years ago.

He better be praying to Jerry Jones, in that case.

There is no level of security that can keep Jerry out of the locker room.

Frankly, he should've joined Linkedin a long time ago, but it's not surprising for Garrett to be unprepared in general.

Somehow, that was probably more inspiring than his...actual speech. Sheesh.