Frederic Weis Asks NBA to Include Vince Carter in Dunk Contest With Amazing Tweet

French basketball player Frederic Weis
French basketball player Frederic Weis

Not many people know much about Frederic Weis' basketball career. The french international is best known for being on the receiving end of what is arguably the greatest dunk in the history of the sport. He, of course, was the individual who was dunked on by Vince Carter in the now-iconic moment from the 2000 Olympics.

Well, in a great spirited tweet, Weis requested that the NBA include Vince Carter in this year's dunk contest, offering himself up as a prop in order to recreate the 20-year-old moment.

While this is surely something basketball fans across the globe would love to see, we're not sure Carter has enough spring left in his step to clear the 7-2 center. After all, Carter, the first player to appear in four different decades in NBA history, is 42, and no longer the young, hyper-athletic dunker he was 20 years prior.

Carter's mind-bending dunk over Weis will forever live on in basketball lore, and it's uplifting to see the Frenchman having a laugh at his own expense.

Weis isn't the only one interested in seeing VC make an appearance at the 2020 Dunk Contest, as NBA players and fans, including teammate Trae Young, are voicing their support for the veteran.