Freddie Freeman's Point About Kris Medlen Proves Everyone Who Got Mad at Mike Fiers is a Sad Fool

Mike Fiers
Oakland Athletics SP Mike Fiers | Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

To even think that there are actually individuals within the MLB landscape who are comprehensively convinced that Mike Fiers is the most prominent offender in the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal is maddening.

Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman came out on Saturday and made all of those lunatics look like suckers in a touching reference to former teammate Kris Medlen, who retired shortly after being tagged for seven earned runs against Houston in 2018.

Truer words have never spoken.

Fiers, though some will say he violated the cardinal rule of a locker room, is nothing short of a hero for squealing to The Athletic. The Astros could very well still be partaking in their deplorable ventures if not for Fiers spilling the beans.

Not only did Houston's malpractice lead to a world championship and three consecutive appearances in the ALCS, but it also had consequential chain reactions on opposing pitchers, like Medlen.

The fact that Medlen was so traumatized by his woeful outing against the 'Stros that he opted to hang up his cleats proves that Fiers deserves to be lauded for whistleblowing.

Given the sheer domino effect that has ensued following The Athletic's bombshell, it's seriously worth contemplating if MLB did right by their punishment. It's quite apparent that the league didn't cover all of the bases during their investigation.