VIDEO: Frank Ntilikina Tried to Get Ultimate Knicks Revenge on Kristaps Porzingis on Poster Attempt

Give Frank Ntilikina some credit, we didn't know he had this kind of vitriol in him. The Knicks guard who once played alongside Kristaps Porzingis tried to throw down a dunk which would have been the ultimate statement for a New York franchise that isn't quite ready to move on from their former top draft pick. Ntilikina was fouled on the dunk attempt, thwarting his effort, but we respect the idea.

To make matter worse for the Knicks, the 'foul' was overturned via a challenge.

Ntilikina is known primarily as a defensive point guard, as he struggles from the field and doesn't have great finishing ability near the rim. None of that mattered on this attempt. It was personal.