Frank Kaminsky’s Otherworldly Comment About Resuming NBA Season Definitely Sums up All Players’ Thoughts

Phoenix Suns big man Frank Kaminsky
Phoenix Suns big man Frank Kaminsky / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Although there are still some details that need to be ironed out, he NBA is currently working on a plan for how its season could possibly restart. One of the main issues is exactly where games will be played in order wrap up the season; couple of options like Walt Disney World in Orlando or even Las Vegas have been pitched, but nothing is for certain just yet.

Being that the season is most likely to be played in neutral site arenas, Phoenix Suns big man Frank Kaminsky is willing to play basketball anywhere. "Anywhere" does not just mean Orlando or Vegas or even planet earth to Frank the Tank.

Even though Kaminsky and the Suns were already eliminated from playoff contention, this sentiment still has value in showing that these players just want to play and compete, no matter their place in the standings.

If given any possible opportunity, the boys just want to hoop.

Saturn is definitely out of the question for atmospheric reasons, but a fair point is being made. Players could ultimately care less about playing in their home arenas -- as long as they have just even a small chance of playing again, they will take the opportunity regardless of location.