Francisco Lindor Trade Risks

Lindor prepares to bat against the Phillies
Lindor prepares to bat against the Phillies / David Maxwell/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians have already stated they believe their All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor will be suiting up for them come Opening Day 2020. All indications are that he is "their shortstop", and that they see him in Cleveland for the foreseeable future.

Baseball is a business at the end of the day though, and just like any other sport, teams will make a deal if the right one is presented to them.

Frankie is a hot commodity after posting some of the best statistical numbers of his career in 2019, including 170 hits and 32 big flies, but not everything about trading for "Mr. Smile" has teams in the most positive mood. Here are his potential trade risks:

High Bargaining Price

Lindor is one of the best five-tool players in the game, giving teams the full package when it comes to his ability not only offensively and defensively, but on the basepaths as well. This means he'll command an unmistakably large asking price. The Dodgers are one team who are interested in the four-time All-Star, but would have to give up a decent amount of the farm system, including the prized shortstop Gavin Lux, who has oodles of potential according to their camp.

His Contract

Frankie is set to make $16.7 million over the course of 2020, a sizeable increase from the $10.55 million he earned in 2019. This means his net worth will go up, which he'll undoubtedly enjoy, but his worth on the trade market will significantly decrease as his free agency looms. If acquired, teams will have to make a decision: keep him, and risk the possibility of him walking in free agency, or try to maximize on his presence and sign him for the long term. Either way, money will be a factor, and he'll be looking for a team to show it to him in 2021.

There's no question that Lindor can improve any team he goes to. MLB clubs will have to prioritize what they want, and weigh all of their options for both now and the future if they want to add him to their roster.