FOX Has One Glaring Omission on NFL Season Opener Graphic

The NFL kicked off Week 1 of the 2019 season with the Bears vs. Packers game on Thursday Night Football, and FOX Sports made a graphic to celebrate the start of a brand new season.

There's just one problem: the Washington Redskins are nowhere to be found.

In a move as abject as the Redskins' upcoming season is probably going to be, FOX completely forgot to represent the Redskins on the graphic; instead, the Falcons had two players, with every other team having one player.

Yes, obviously this was an honest mistake on FOX's part, and there was no malicious intent behind the omitting of the Redskins. Right John Mara?

In all seriousness, this will definitely fuel the fire for a Redskins team with the lowest of low expectations in the NFC East by many pundits. They still have game-changing players on both sides of the ball in Landon Collins and Derrius Guice, as well as their quarterback of the future in Dwayne Haskins, all of whom would have been worthy picks for inclusion on the graphic.

They could've even slapped Adrian Peterson on there, as weird as it still seems for him to be wearing 'Skins colors.

Even with a storied history which includes three Super Bowl titles, the Redskins have been shown a lot of disrespect over the last couple of years. They'll look to use that as motivation to pummel the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1, although that may be a tad difficult given that Case Keenum will be starting for them at QB.