Former A's Teammate Claims Mike Fiers Told MLB That Astros Cheating Started in 2014 and Continued Into This Season

The investigation that exposed the Houston Astros cheating scandal was helped along by the comments of Mike Fiers. He served as the whistleblower and like anyone in that position he is now receiving backlash.

Fiers has stood by his comments and according to his former Oakland A's teammate Ryan Buchter, Fiers has privately shared that the scandal should not just be about the 2017 season.

Fans, media members, and current MLB players all assumed the team did not stop cheating after 2017. These latest comments from Buchter now claim that Fiers told MLB that the Astros had years to perfect the scheme.

Fiers seems to have a lot of regret for being a part of that organization and is the only member of the 2017 squad who has a moral compass.

Considering this information was readily available to MLB the minute Fiers spoke, it's concerning that more hasn't been done. Sure, the suspensions to AJ Hinch, Jeff Luhnow and (likely) Alex Cora are significant, but if this form of rule-breaking really does go back to 2014 this should only be the tip of the iceberg.

And Rob Manfred wonders why so many fans are frustrated with him.