Former Rays Pitcher Seth McClung Accuses Astros of Stealing Signs in ALDS Game 5

The Astros advanced to the ALCS after taking down the Rays in a five-game series, but there are some who believe the 'Stros may have been using some illegal tactics throughout the series.

Former Rays and Brewers reliever Seth McClung took to Twitter to allege that the Astros were stealing signs from the Rays, citing a moment in the fourth inning when the Rays were using multiple signals despite having no runners on base.

McClung claims that this frantic use of varied signs suggests that they felt their catcher's signs were being monitored and being relayed to the Astros.

While this may seem like a bold claim on its own, the Astros have been accused of similar practices in the past. In last year's ALCS, the Astros were caught sending a staffer to take photos of Boston's dugout, though they weren't punished by the league.

But perhaps there wasn't foul play involved here, as some others believed Rays starter Tyler Glasnow was tipping his pitches.

Glasnow was chased out of the game after just 2.2 innings, having surrendered four earned runs on five hits.

Whatever the true reason for Glasnow's struggles, whether it be just a rough day at the office, pitch-tipping, or the Astros engaging in some form of espionage, he clearly didn't have his best stuff, and as a result, the Rays' season is over.