Former MLB Star Preston Wilson Calls Out Brian McCann for Silence During Astros Scandal

Former MLB star Preston Wilson speaks out on Brian McCann
Former MLB star Preston Wilson speaks out on Brian McCann /

The Houston Astros were among the leaders of the "play the game the right way" movement, as traditionalists like Brian McCann and Justin Verlander used to be viewed as examples of how to conduct yourself as a player.

That facade was shattered in the wake of their sign-stealing scandal, and former MLB star and current MLB Network analyst Preston Wilson took McCann to task over his post-retirement silence at a very key juncture.

Admiring a home run for a few seconds is apparently a major sign of disrespect, but blatant cheating is just trying to gain competitive advantage. Ok, sure.

McCann and Justin Verlander, who've welcomed a mic at every turn as players, have yet to say anything about this scandal, which comes off as incredibly disingenuous.

Keep in mind that McCann was one of the guys who certainly appeared to benefit most of all from their trash can-centric cheating operation, if the numbers are to be believed.

Wilson is the latest in a long line of former MLB players to join the chorus of hate directed at the Astros, who now look like the most hypocritical team in the league after bloviating about respect and playing the game "the right way," only to have cheated their way to a title.