Former Lakers Champion Reportedly Hopes to Return to NBA and Finish Career in LA

Pau Gasol may be the veteran leader the Lakers need to bring an NBA trophy back to LA.
Pau Gasol may be the veteran leader the Lakers need to bring an NBA trophy back to LA. | Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As the Los Angeles Lakers look to pursue a Finals trophy upon this season's restart and in the years to follow, they could certainly benefit from some veteran experience on the roster.

Pau Gasol, a Laker legend vital to their back-to-back NBA titles in 2009 and 2010, may be the man, as he has expressed interest in a reunion with Los Angeles once his injured foot allows him to do so.

In a report from the Associated Press, Gasol stated, "A final season with the Lakers is attractive, finishing at Barca is attractive, but you have to see the real possibilities and see what situation would be best for the circumstances of the moment."

After entering the league in 2001, Gasol immediately established himself as a force to be feared in Memphis, averaging just under 20 points and around eight rebounds per game. Following a move to Los Angeles, Gasol remained a commanding presence while leading the way alongside Kobe Bryant to a pair of Finals victories.

Gasol signed with the Bulls in 2014 and added two All-Star appearances to his name, but things have not been the same since. An ankle injury in 2019 ended his time in Milwaukee, while he was waived from Portland without playing a game. Now, Gasol may be charting a path back to the hardwood, with Los Angeles an ideal home.

One cannot ignore the enticing nature of playing in Barcelona, though. Born in the city, Gasol has maintained a close connection with his home, and an international tenure presents a tremendous opportunity for a player nearing the end of his time on the court.

Even if his performance may be nowhere near where it once was, just a taste of Gasol's talent would be incredibly exciting to see, whether in the NBA or overseas.