Former Georgia QB Aaron Murray Struggles in Rough First Half of XFL Debut

Aaron Murray
Tampa Bay Vipers QB Aaron Murray was benched in his XFL debut | Michael Owens/Getty Images

Through one half of play, Aaron Murray hasn't assembled much XFL tape that'll impress any NFL scouts.

Sounds a lot like his AAF days, honestly.

The former Georgia signal caller has certainly taken the biggest reputation hit of anyone participating in the early days of this burgeoning new league, finding himself benched for the first series of the second half in favor of Quinton Flowers, before swiftly reentering and immediately fumbling.

Murray went 12-of-26 during a disastrous first half, featuring two picks, one of which was very much of the "off the back foot" variety.

Yeah, that's not the type of tape you want to save. Unfortunately, it's the only Murray "highlight" that has made the rounds thus far in the Twitterverse.

Murray has plenty of positive collegiate memories to hang his hat on, at the end of the day. Four 3,000-yard seasons at Georgia is nothing to sneeze at, and he'll always have Athens behind him, at any level. It seems, though, that the former Chiefs draft pick still has plenty to work out before he can be successful, even in this secondary league.