Former Cubs Pitcher in Japanese League Punches Fridge and Might Actually Help Panasonic Stock Go Up

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs-Game One
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs-Game One | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Spencer Patton of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars couldn't keep his cool after giving up the game-tying run on August 3, going on a rampage and repeatedly punching the dugout refrigerator.

This objectively boneheaded move caused him to suffer a dislocation fracture of the fifth carpal joint in his right hand, which will now require surgery to fix.

While Patton and his club deal with the consequences of his actions, one party did manage to benefit in the whole ordeal: Panasonic.

Once the media reported the high durability of the fridge that prevented it from breaking during the act of violence, it was predicted that more people would buy that model of refrigerator, effectively raising the corporation's stock price.

While it's not the most ideal way to market a product, Patton's anger gave Panasonic the opportunity to showcase the benefits of the fridge at no cost to them. Free advertising is better than no advertising, right?

It has been a while since we have seen Spencer Patton's name in the news. The American pitcher was in the MLB from 2014-2016, spending time with the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs during that time.

Patton was unable to make a significant impact on either club, maintaining a 6.26 ERA in 54.2 IP on his career that ultimately led him to seeking employment in the Japanese Central League. Ideally, he doesn't own any Panasonic stock himself. Then, he could get busted for insider trading.