Former Astros Star Roy Oswalt Defends Team Amid Sign-Stealing Scandal With Curious Tweet

Roy Oswalt had a perplexing take on the Astros sign-stealing punishment
Roy Oswalt had a perplexing take on the Astros sign-stealing punishment

You would think that after Monday's stunning disclosure of the Houston Astros consequential punishment for their sign-stealing ventures that nobody with previous ties to the organization can possibly manage to muster the brashness to defend it, right? least in the eyes of former MLB hurler Roy Oswalt, who spent 10 seasons with the 'Stros.

The former three-time All-Star took to Twitter in the fallout of the news to peculiarly compare the repercussions for stealing signs to that of taking performance-enhancers.

Color us positively puzzled by Oswalt's attempted correlation.

For starters, the MLB is notoriously strict in ostracizing former PED users from the Hall of Fame. Need we remind him of the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens?

Most notably, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Schmidt, and Jeff Bagwell were inducted into the Hall after previously being linked to steroid use. And the latter was Oswalt's teammate for five seasons in Houston. So, congratulations, you outed your former teammate.

Sign-stealing, one could argue, led to Astros winning the World Series in 2017. Does an entire club aware of what pitches they are facing or one (at most two) players on a team juicing have more of a say on winning games?

It's sign-stealing, and frankly, it's not even close. Give it up, Oswalt.