Football Fans Blast NFL Draft Twitter Account for Suggesting a Draft Lottery

The talk in the sports world on Wednesday was the NBA Draft Lottery the night prior. Despite the New York Knicks having the worst record in the league this season, it was the 33-49 New Orleans Pelicans who were awarded the first overall pick and the rights to select Duke superstar Zion Williamson.

With everyone debating whether the new format of the draft lottery eliminated tanking or not, the NFL Draft's official Twitter account decided to anger all of it's followers by saying they want a lottery as well, bucking all logic.

There has rarely been a topic where all NFL fans are united, but that changed after this tweet hit everyone's feed. To sum it up, it was a resounding, universal, "No."

If there were lottery rules in the NFL, you would never be able to count out the New England Patriots, just like you can never rule them out from winning the Super Bowl.

Yes, everyone did dislike that.

Just stay off it. Think about who you are. Think about what you do.

Michael Jordan disapproves. And he went third overall!

So does Michael Scott.

It's never too late to delete a tweet...even though it's probably screen-capped by thousands of followers by now.

Mark you calendars, ladies and gentleman. This is the first time in a long time in which NFL fans around the world all agreed on something. Because this occurrence will likely never happen again.

Imagine the Patriots jumping up to the one spot with a .01% chance because Bill Belichick froze a ping pong ball, then trading down and taking a lineman anyway. Yikes. We just got cold shivers.