So much for the anticipation.

The 2019 NBA Draft is set to tip off on Thursday night, and while Zion Williamson was considered a lock to go No. 1 to the New Orleans Pelicans, picks No. 2 and 3 still had some mystique. Until now, that is, thanks to NBA Insider Sham Charania.

According to Shams, the Memphis Grizzlies will select Murray State PG Ja Morant with the second pick, replacing Mike Conley Jr. with a young, electric prospect. And after the Grizz, the New York Knicks will pick Williamson's Duke teammate, RJ Barrett, with the third selection. No monstrous trades or surprises here.

The No. 4 selection, and all subsequent picks, are still up for grabs, according to The Athletic's national NBA insider. The Pelicans once again have complete control of their destiny and plenty of time to consider each and every option, as several teams have shown interest in trading up to that spot.

Should the Pels hold onto the pick, they could select either DeAndre Hunter, Jarrett Culver, or even Darius Garland.

While this does take some of the intrigue away from the top of the Draft, Knicks fans, for one, can breathe easy. Barrett was considered an obvious choice for New York if he slid to the third spot, but the pre-draft buzz often deviates from reality.