Fenway Park With All its Grass Gone Looks Completely Bizarre

Fenway Park without grass is like America without apple pie. It just seems so incredibly wrong.

With the Boston Red Sox already a few weeks into their offseason, the field was bound to look a little worn down, but some apparent renovations just make it look rough.

While reporters were present for the Red Sox's introductory press conference for new chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom, they had to stare down upon the century-old ballpark's field completely stripped of its grass.

Wrigley Field is the only ballpark that comes close to, if not matches or exceeds, Fenway Park's iconic history and design. Without grass, it's just hideous. Frankly, it would look better with snow blanketing it.

There wouldn't be any grass, but at least it would look good. Who cares if it's October? The Red Sox didn't even make the playoffs, so winter began in most of New England about three weeks ago.

As the Sox replace the drainage system and the field, it only seems fitting that the dark days of winter are coming with the MLB season concluding.