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Female Jets Fan Has Perfect Sign During MNF About Sam Darnold's Case of Mono

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is out for the team's Monday Night matchup against the Cleveland Browns after coming down with a nasty case of mono that could sideline him for the next few months.

At long last, we have some clarity as to how Darnold came down with this season-altering illness, at least if you believe one particular Jets fan.

I hope you're happy, Miss, because you forced Adam Gase to start Trevor Siemian in an NFL game in 2019, which is a sight no one deserved to see.

Due to this woman infecting Darnold (and probably half of the fans sitting near her in the stands), the Jets likely lost their starting quarterback for games against the Cowboys, Eagles, and Patriots (twice).

You have to wonder if a sick, exhausted, underweight Darnold is that much worse than Siemian given how the first quarter looked. At this point, why not try it out?