This Falcons-Texans Matt Ryan-Deshaun Watson Trade Could Confirm Draft Rumors and Blow up the NFL

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson
Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson | Mark Brown/Getty Images

The latest draft rumblings paired with the enigmatic mind of Houston Texans head coach/GM/emperor Bill O'Brien could set the stage for a league-changing trade.

The Atlanta Falcons, currently using Matt Schaub to back up Matt Ryan, are rumored to be considering trading up to select a QB in the 2020 draft. If they are in the market for a quarterback, what harm can come from asking the Texans about Deshaun Watson? O'Brien will pick up the phone.

O'Brien has traded Jadeveon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins in back-to-back offseasons and failed to recoup a first-round pick, so he's the only GM with a warped enough brain to consider sending Watson back home to Atlanta.

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Ryan was still extremely productive last year (4,400 yards, 26 touchdowns), but he will be 35 once the 2020 season starts. Furthermore his contract carries almost $120 million in cap hits from 2021-2023. This could make him a less valuable asset for Houston than his play would indicate.

O'Brien should be asking for two first-round picks in addition to Ryan in exchange for a player with Watson's rare athletic ability and leadership, but Thomas Dimitroff is likely going to be able to talk O'Brien into only taking a first and third-round pick, as Watson is in the last year of his rookie contract and Atlanta would need to pony up with a new deal.

The only GM with the cojones to even think of pulling this move off is O'Brien, so nothing can be totally taken off the table. If Watson's continued frustration with the organization leads to him refusing to sign a new deal, his hometown team could snap him up while robbing Houston of a franchise quarterback.