Gruesome Photos Reportedly Emerge From Alleged Attack Involving Ezekiel Elliott's Dog

Ezekiel Elliott
Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's dogs attacked a worker on his property. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott's name is in the news and not for something the Dallas Cowboys running back did himself. It has to do with his dogs.

A woman, working as a pool cleaner, is claiming Elliott's dogs attacked her in March when she went to his property. The running back claims the woman did not have permission to be on the property at that time. Regardless, the injuries suffered by the woman are apparently real, and allegedly committed by Elliott's dog, and TMZ shared the brutal photos. Be warned, they are not easy to view.

The cuts are extremely deep and look like something out of a gory movie. The woman also suffered terrible bruises and is suing Elliott for physical and emotional trauma.

Elliott is facing a civil suit as a result of the injuries.

While the photos will be used as evidence, there needs to be more details before any fault can be placed on one side or the other in this case.