Every Time Billy Martin Was Fired by George Steinbrenner as Manager of the Yankees

New York Yankees manager Billy Martin
New York Yankees manager Billy Martin / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Former Yankees infielder Billy Martin was hired as manager in 1975 shortly after being relieved of his duties as manager of the Texas Rangers, thus beginning one of the most successful, but most chaotic managerial careers in the history of the franchise, as he was fired five separate times.

While Martin clashed with players, including Reggie Jackson, and owner George Steinbrenner, he helped the Yankees win an AL pennant in his first full season as the manager and led them to a World Series title in 1977.

Martin was fired for the first time during the 1978 season. After butting heads with Jackson and finding out Steinbrenner wanted to trade him to the Chicago White Sox for Bob Lemon, their manager at the time, Martin remarked that Steinbrenner and Jackson "deserve each other," adding that "One's a born liar; the other's convicted." He was let go shortly thereafter.

Martin was announced as the Yankees manager for the 1980 season, but got canned amid pressure from the commissioner's office after getting into a fight with a marshmallow salesman who made fun of him.

Martin returned to the Yankees in 1983 after a stint with the Oakland Athletics, but was fired for a third time after losing the division to the Baltimore Orioles. Later on, Martin replaced Yogi Berra in 1985, but received his fourth pink slip after the Toronto Blue Jays won the division.

A 60-year-old Martin was named manager of the Yankees a fifth time in 1988, but didn't even make it through half the season. He never managed again, and died in a car crash in 1989.

Steinbrenner and Martin seemed like enemies at times, but they both wanted the Yankees to win more than anything else.