Even the XFL Wants Nothing to Do With Antonio Brown

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has become persona non grata around the NFL after being accused of sexual assault, forcing his way out of the Oakland Raiders, and being declared too toxic for the New England Patriots.

Even the startup spring leagues are declaring themselves out of the AB business, as the XFL has announced they are not interested in Brown's services, according to Mike Florio.

This makes TONS of sense for the XFL.

What doomed the league in their first incarnation was the over-reliance on cheap gags and PR stunts. They were much more sizzle than steak, and adding Brown to their league would be a return to their old ways.

Commissioner Oliver Luck wants to exclude some professionalism with his league, and adding someone as radioactive as Brown for the sake of a few extra eyeballs on some games isn't doing anyone any good.

Once Brown can put his obvious personal demons behind him, and the lawsuit is settled, than he can start focus on returning to football. Before that, he needs to get his personal life in order.