Eric Reid Claims His Lawyers Found NFL and NFLPA Changed CBA Language After Players Voted to Approve Deal

Eric Reid
Former Carolina Panthers defensive back Eric Reid has called out the NFL after it appears language was changed in the new CBA agreement. | Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Just when you thought the ordeal between the NFL and NFLPA regarding the new CBA was over, Eric Reid has come out and provided proof of some concerning changes. And those changes have come without the players knowing.

On Monday afternoon, Reid took to Twitter to let everyone know his lawyer has sent a letter to the NFLPA demanding they answer why language in the CBA was changed after the players voted and passed the new deal presented earlier this month. The language specifically affects the help families of disabled players would receive.

Reid, understandably, is furious with what's been showcased. Why have a vote, which passed, if things were going to change without the players' consent?

Despite being released by the Panthers, Reid wants to make sure all of his fellow players -- and those who have retired -- are not being taken advantage of. He's calling for a new vote and a full investigation as to what's going on here.

In the coming days, expect more players to voice their displeasure about these changes. Reid was the first to comment, but he most certainly won't be the last. All eyes are on the NFLPA and DeMaurice Smith right now.