Enes Kanter Weirdly Ripped off a Comedian's Tweet and Got Roasted for it

NBA's Enes Kanter steals joke on Twitter
NBA's Enes Kanter steals joke on Twitter

Usually at this time of the year, NBA teams are fighting for playoff seeding. That's not the case, as the regular season was halted until further notice, with the expectation that play will resume in the summer. Without basketball, plenty of stars are trying to find things to do at home.

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter's hobby is stealing jokes.

On Monday afternoon, Kanter tweeted that Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" will be frowned upon during this current global pandemic. Comedian CJ Toledano called him out shortly afterwards to claim that he stole that joke, and even provided a screen cap to prove it.

The date checks out, as Toedano posted the joke over a week ago. And of course it wouldn't be a beef with a Celtic without bringing up the Los Angeles Lakers, because that always happens. As is the case with any dispute, the replies were fire.

A meme king looking out for a comedian while calling out a basketball player. A two-for-one special.

You better cut it out, Enes. Or your 508,000 followers will drop to 507,999. You don't want that, do you?

Kanter is guilty of it, as evidenced by his likes and retweets even if Toledano's got him beat by a wide margin.

A gigantic L, if you ask us.

Acknowledge CJ!

It didn't take long, as Kanter did, in fact, notice his error and sent Toledano an apology. The comedian accepted the big man's remorse to effectively squash the short-lived beef.

A quick note to everyone: never steal someone else's tweet and add an emoji. That's literally the worst thing you can do, and people will absolutely despise you for it. Don't be like Kanter.