Emmitt Smith couldn't believe the Cowboys brought back Mike McCarthy

The Dallas great wanted to see Mike McCarthy fired after the loss to Green Bay
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As soon as the Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed in the Wild Card Round by the Green Bay Packers, plenty of people thought Mike McCarthy would be on his way out of town. McCarthy infuriated the fan base and team legends were pretty ticked off too.

This includes Emmitt Smith, who watched in frustration as his team recorded yet another embarrassing exit from the postseason. While speaking with Maggie Gray on Thursday, Smith made it quite clear he didn't want to see McCarthy return for next season:

As angry as Smith was, he was likely made even angrier when the team announced McCarthy would be back next campaign. It goes without saying, but with him only having one more year left on his contract, McCarthy needs his team to step up. Otherwise, he could be out of a job at this point next year.