Ecuador stuns Uruguay thanks to two Felix Torres goals

An upset was recorded for Ecuador in Quito
Ecuador v Uruguay - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier
Ecuador v Uruguay - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier / Franklin Jacome/GettyImages

With Uruguay being the No. 16 team in the world and Ecuador being No. 40, it would have been safe to assume that the visiting team would have recorded an easy win in Quito. Things were heading in that direction, with Uruguay taking a 1-0 lead on Tuesday afternoon early on in the contest.

However, Ecuador was able to bounce back and capture a thrilling 2-1 victory at the Rodrigo Paz Stadium. Ecuador has Felix Torres to thank for the three points, as he scored twice in the victory for the home side.

With Uruguay up 1-1, Torres evened things up during stoppage time in the first half. In the second half, Ecuador was poised to take the lead from the penalty spot, but Enner Valencia somehow sent his shot wide.

Torres was able to be the hero, though, sending a beautiful cross from 16-year-old sensation Kendry Paez into the back of the net. This is a win that will be celebrated in Ecuador for a while.