Earl Thomas Took Slight Jab at Ryan Tannehill and Said Ravens Will Prioritize Stopping Derrick Henry

Earl Thomas isn't worried about Ryan Tannehill.
Earl Thomas isn't worried about Ryan Tannehill. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens are the top seed in the AFC playoffs and no longer have to worry about a matchup with the New England Patriots. That is thanks to the upset pulled off by Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card round.

The Titans quarterback has had a career resurgence in 2019 and his abilities make his team true Super Bowl contenders, even as the No. 6 seed in the AFC. D

Despite all that, Ravens safety Earl Thomas refused to give the veteran QB the respect he deserves.

Thomas certainly isn't going to come out and say his team is worried about any quarterback, let alone one like Tannehill.

While this may be conceived as a dig at Tannehill, it's possible Thomas was simply complimenting Derrick Henry, who has the ability to run over any defense. He finished with 182 yards on 34 carries in the win over New England and his play completely paved the way for the Titans to control the pace of the game.

Tannehill didn't light the world on fire going 8-for-15 for 72 yards, but he did throw a touchdown and didn't implode against a tough Patriots defense. So while Thomas' comments came off a bit harsh, they definitely hold some value.