Drew Rosenhaus Reportedly Terminates Relationship With Antonio Brown Until He 'Gets Help'

Things aren't getting much better for Antonio Brown in his hopes (are we sure he still wants to play?) of returning to the NFL. After his latest social media meltdown, which featured the police once again at his house, his agent has seen enough.

Drew Rosenhaus has reportedly parted ways with Brown until the 31-year-old wide receiver gets himself some help.

Like thousands of AB84's fans out there, Rosenhaus wants his client to get counsel from a professional. Each week, it seems like a new concerning update is written about Brown.

His presence on Twitter is one thing, but when the police are constantly showing up at his door and the safety of his kids is in question, you know it's serious and something needs to be done.

The above clip is difficult to watch. Brown was on top of the world a couple of seasons ago, but things have gone downhill and fast. We very well may have seen the last of the All-Pro wide receiver in the NFL. If a guy like Rosenhaus won't help him, especially since he's stood by him after all of the wild happenings over the past year, surely no one else out there will.