Dr. Anthony Fauci Says MLB Season Should Stop Before October if it Even Happens

Dr. Anthony Fauci has doubts about baseball in October
Dr. Anthony Fauci has doubts about baseball in October / Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been at the forefront of America's fight against the coronavirus.

Fauci, who has often commented on the prospect of sports resuming in this country amid the pandemic, claimed that if the MLB season does get started at some point in the near future, they should end the season before October starts.

“If the question is time, I would try to keep it in the core summer months and end it not with the way we play the World Series, until the end of October when it’s cold,” Fauci said. “I would avoid that.”

The virus is projected to spread more rapidly in the winter months than in the summer months, which is why Fauci has doubts over baseball playing deep into the fall, even though the owners are trying to end the regular season by September to pave the way for an October postseason.

While baseball has a mile of labor strife to sift through before the season can get kicked off properly, they need to realize that the pandemic is still very much alive, and extending the season too long without considering the health risks could have dire consequences.