Former Marlin Dontrelle Willis Bullies Cubs Fans With 2003 Steve Bartman Game Reference During Quarantine

Former Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis trolls Chicago Cubs fans.
Former Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis trolls Chicago Cubs fans. /

Major League Baseball may be taking a break, but rivalries can never rest. While everyone spends some time home, former Florida Marlin Dontrelle Willis took an opportunity to poke the bear, or rather Cubs, by tweeting out a reference to the darkest play in Chicago baseball history.

By now, most baseball fans have seen the infamous Steve Bartman play. Moisés Alou went up to catch a foul ball, and Bartman, a fan in the stands, snagged it before Alou could get there. According to Willis, who was on that Marlins team playing against the Cubs at the time, the ball was Alou's for the taking.

Cold, Dontrelle. Very cold.

Chicago fans weren't too happy with the Fox Sports analyst's comments, with one person responding, "not today, satan." Apparently, the fans aren't the only ones who catch flak from Willis about the play. He explained how he regularly bothers Alou about it, too.

So, as the nation waits for baseball to resume, Chicago fans have another reason to be angry. Even 17 years later, the moment continues to be heartbreaking and divisive, and Willis proved that by clicking the "tweet" button.