Donovan Mitchell Calls Out Instigators on Twitter Trying to Start Beef With Kemba Walker

Team USA's FIBA World Cup run went sideways to say the least -- being eliminated by France and losing to Serbia in the fifth-place consolation game -- so it makes sense for frustration to set in for the NBA squad.

But Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell wants to make it clear that there was no bad blood between him and backcourt mate, Kemba Walker, as Spida responded to people who seemed to be overanalyzing USA's stagnant offense:

"No frustration" seems a bit of a stretch here, as it seems very clear that both Mitchell and Walker were irritated, but that shouldn't be looked into all that much. Teammates will bicker and argue on the court -- especially during a heated high-stakes game -- but that doesn't signify a personal beef.

This wasn't a Draymond Green-Kevin Durant situation by any means, it was merely an on-court interaction going off the rails for a hot second. And it's not like these two are teammates in the NBA, so it's natural that they aren't perfectly adapted to playing alongside one another.

What we should focus on is how poorly run the team's offense was run. The amount of isolation and one-on-one plays was mind-boggling, especially for a Gregg Popovich-coached team.

Team USA put together a shameful run in this year's World Cup, but huge props to France and Serbia for taking advantage. The United States has the chance to redeem itself in Tokyo next year, but a 2020 Olympic gold medal doesn't seem too promising given how things have shaken out this year.