Dominick Cruz Replaces Jose Aldo at UFC 250 to Save Us From Henry Cejudo's Insufferable Reign

Dominick Cruz is scheduled to take on Henry Cejudo
Dominick Cruz is scheduled to take on Henry Cejudo / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

UFC 249 is currently being cobbled together after the coronavirus pandemic forced Dana White to abandon grand plans of a Khabib Nurmogomedov-Tony Ferguson title fight, and UFC 250 isn't faring much better, as Jose Aldo dropped out of the main event. The Brazilian star was meant to take on Henry Cejudo for the bantamweight championship.

After being called out by Cejudo, former title-holder Dominick Cruz has now decided to make his long-awaited return to the Octagon. It's official: He's taking on "Triple C" for the 135-pound strap. And he may as well be riding in on a white horse, because it's fine time that Cejudo's Reign of Cringe comes to a merciful end.

One can certainly say that Cruz replacing Aldo came out of left field, as injuries have prevented him from fighting at all since 2016. In his three fights that year, he won the bantamweight championship by defeating TJ Dillashaw, defended it by toppling Urijah Faber, and ultimately lost it when Cody Garbrandt dominated him.

Cruz only has eight knockouts and one win via submission in 24 MMA fights, but his almost unparalleled ability to avoid taking shots and keep winning rounds presents a unique challenge for "Triple C," who has yet to defend his belt a single time since winning it in June 2019.

Ugh. This isn't cutting promo; it's just offensively bad. Fight fans should not have to watch this kind of man carry around a belt (or two) any longer than they absolutely must. For that, we have to thank Cruz deeply and profoundly.

The only man who can save us from a few more months of Cejudo holding the bantamweight title while refusing to fight is someone that will be able to stay on his feet against his power while managing to mix in some debilitating shots of his own, and Cruz is exactly that kind of fighter. The big question mark with Cruz is once again his health, but if he says he's ready, he's ready.

Folks, let's get this over with.