Dodgers and White Sox Should Ignite MLB With This Surprise Trade

Joc Pederson
Los Angeles Dodgers OF Joc Pederson has already been traded once. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We're currently stuck in the mire of a league-wide shutdown, with MLB solidly in stasis mode.

But just because the games won't be played for a few more months doesn't mean we can't get the rumor mill rolling.

Joc Pederson's been half-traded once already this offseason; when the initial framework of the Mookie Betts deal seemed to be a near-certainty, the Angels "traded' for Pederson, only to watch their leadership call the agreement off in anger when Boston and LA's negotiations dragged on into infinity.

Well...the White Sox could still use him.

Pederson's a free agent after the 2020 season, and rocketed 36 homers, a career-high, for LA last year. A high-pop, low-average beast, he's definitely reaching the peak of his powers as we speak.

As of now, Chicago's depth chart includes rookie Luis Robert as the starting center fielder, with Nomar Mazara, an inconsistent lefty masher, in right. Pederson would provide more of a guarantee than Mazara, but more importantly, in a truncated season, does Chicago really want to use Robert in center immediately? Wouldn't they rather he get some more reps in at Triple-A, now that every game matters just that little bit more?

Speaking of depth charts, the 31-year-old Alex Colome is still locked in as Chicago's closer, and is also a free agent at the end of 2020. Considering LA's been trying to get their hands on reliable relief help forever, the Sox would be wise to deal Colome for pop, seeing as they have plenty of interesting internal closer options (Aaron Bummer, Steve Cishek, and even Kelvin Herrera).

Colome's inconsistent year-to-year strikeout totals cloud any sort of definitive word on his regression, but there's no reason for the quasi-contending Sox to hold onto an expiring contract closer. If you can get the Dodgers to add a mid-range prospect like righty Dennis Santana (16h overall), pull the trigger. You won't get a bigger haul.