Max Muncy Complaining About Fan Autograph Requests is a Bad Look

Max Muncy didn't exactly like all the mail he received.
Max Muncy didn't exactly like all the mail he received. | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Max Muncy made his first All-Star Game in 2019 and provided some postseason magic for Los Angeles Dodgers fans.

That has a lot of fans excited and seeking autographs. Muncy is not in the mood for such requests.

This is quite the odd response from Muncy. He could have easily expressed his gratitude while saying he will not respond to all the requests. Simply showing the amount of mail would stress that there is just too much to handle.

But no. He totally missed the mark and failed to realize that many of those requests may have come from young Dodgers fans.

Sure, there are some greedy individuals among the bunch. There are also younger fans who were just excited to write a letter to a big leaguer.

This is not something that will scar Muncy's name among Dodgers fans. It is just not a good look for a player so many fell for in 2019.

In a time when MLB is trying to expand the popularity of the game and highlight some of the league's best personalities, Muncy isn't doing himself any favors.