Some athletes are just born to play, and apparently some of them are ready from the moment they arrive.

With the New York Mets visiting Chavez Ravine, the Los Angeles Dodgers' scoreboard made a hilarious error when it displayed Carlos Gomez's MLB debut, May 13, 2007, as his birthday as well.

That's right, according to the Dodgers, Carlos Gomez came into the world with a cap on his head and a bat in his hands.

The 12-year MLB veteran Gomez would have to have been one heck of a prodigy to be able to pull that one off.

Sure, the 33-year-old probably wouldn't mind being a bit younger to extend his playing career, but chipping him all the way down to the age of 12 might be a bit much. Sometimes, he does show that level of maturity and decision-making on the field, though, evident when he was sliced down on the base paths by Cody Bellinger Monday night.

He does still play with a child's joy every time he steps onto the field, however, so he's at least a kid at heart.

This just goes to show that the often mundane scoreboards of the MLB can give us some very unexpected entertainment.