Doctor Has Blunt Comment for Fans Who Think College Athletes Should Just Let Themselves Get Coronavirus

College football players around the country have returned to campus for preseason workouts, but the coronavirus is still raging, especially in several Southern states where some of the biggest NCAA football programs are located.

Fans are eager to watch college football this season, and we are too, but there have been a ton of issues with returns to campus already. Kansas State already had to shut down its workouts, and Clemson, Texas, and LSU have also had positive tests in the dozens.

Some fans, of course, have assumed that young, healthy college athletes would be fine if they got the virus, and doctors are understandably horrified. One epidemiologist's comment basically sums up how damaging that thought process is.

Well, there you have it!

Are 18–22 year olds at a lower risk for the virus? Of course. But fans are completely ignoring the fact that the virus can still have devastating health impacts on people, no matter the age. College players can also have pre-existing conditions that put them at risk including asthma and autoimmune disorders.

We couldn't agree more with the epidemiologist's NSFW response. We should not be willing to put the health and safety of kids at risk for our own entertainment. On top of that, there are hundreds of people involved with running a college football program besides the athletes. Coaches, managers and other staffers are often older adults, and exposing them to kids from around the country puts them at risk, too.

No sports game is worth putting people in danger of a deadly disease. Especially with recent spikes in cases around the country, now is a time for caution, and we can't fathom the way that people are rationalizing their need for entertainment. We would love to see sports back, but not at the expense of lives.