VIDEO: Doc Emrick Thanks Health Care Workers in Moving Account of Life Without Hockey During COVID-19 Pandemic

Doc Emrick of NBC Sports
Doc Emrick of NBC Sports /

Life without sports during the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been less entertaining, and the loss of the NHL has left a deep void in the middle of so many American and Canadian communities. As only he could, legendary hockey announcer Doc Emrick gave his take on what has been a dreary few weeks. Emrick did offer a message of positivity amidst this whole nightmare, as he claims that when this virus has been controlled, the gratitude for everyone that helped treat this disease and prevent the spread of it will be truly remarkable.

Like all other American sports leagues, the NHL has been suspended for almost a full month as the coronavirus continued to spread.

If anyone can cause NHL fans to cross the divide caused by their rivalries and unite to flatten the curve, it's the voice that has narrated some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport.

If you want the NHL to return this season, stay at home and listen to guidelines set by our health care heroes, and hockey will be back before you know it.