Dick Vitale Confirms Major NCAA Allegations Are Coming for Pair of Top Basketball Programs

Dick Vitale
ESPN analyst Dick Vitale revealed major NCAA allegations are coming for some top programs. | Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Dick Vitale dropped a bit of a bombshell on Twitter this weekend when he said some major allegations are set to emerge about two top college basketball programs -- and no, he doesn't think they should come as a shock for those in the know.

Some sources list LSU and Arizona as potential programs in trouble, though Duke has also emerged as a potential culprit because of alleged gifts and money given to Zion Williamson's family. All we know at this point is that two programs are in trouble.

The connection to LSU and Arizona came after HBO released The Scheme, a documentary focusing on corruption in college basketball. Vitale also mentioned those two programs on Twitter back in April.

The COVID-19-related shutdowns have taken the focus away from sports scandals for the time being. The latest tweets from Vitale seem to indicate that the NCAA has been working behind the scenes and will, in fact, hand down punishments soon.

This will serve as a major blow to two programs already facing uncertainty as to when games can be played again.