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Dez Bryant is Totally 'Team LaVar' in Molly Qerim 'First Take' Controversy

Dez Bryant has chosen his side in the controversy between ESPN's "First Take" host Molly Qerim and guest LaVar Ball.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is definitely "Team LaVar" as he took to Twitter to defend Ball, who recently came under fire for comments he made directed at Qerim while appearing as a guest on the popular sports talk show.

Bryant claims that the LaVar was just obliging Qerim's request to "switch gears" and that her mind is "in the gutter" for thinking that he was trying to be flirtatious. He also stated that she was overreacting and that she owed Ball an apology.

Much has been made about how the outspoken father of NBA rising star Lonzo Ball delivered the phrase "you can switch gears with me any time" while on air.

Qerim even went so far as to say that her husband, Jalen Rose, would appreciate an apology from Ball for his behavior. ESPN has since cut ties with LaVar, though some, including Bryant, believe the network is reacting a bit disproportionately.

LaVar hasn't done much to show remorse for his comments, evidenced by his strange and rather weak defense of his statement over the weekend.

However, he has at least one notable person in his corner in Bryant. No matter what everyone says, the star wideout has made his allegiances clear in siding with Ball.