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Dez Bryant Comes to Defense of Cole Beasley on Twitter for Comments About Cowboys Offense

Dez Bryant came to the defense of former teammate Cole Beasley.

Cole Beasley made some rather intriguing comments about his new team entering the 2019 season.

After signing with the Buffalo Bills, Beasley gushed at his potential of this new offense under young signal caller Josh Allen, more so than when he was a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Many believed that this was a direct shot at Dallas, but not Dez Bryant, who believes that Beasley didn't say anything negative about their former team.

Beasley's got a firm supporter in Bryant.

The Bills entering the 2019 season is going to be relatively pass heavy, as the team added receivers like Beasley and John Brown to give Allen targets downfield.

As for the Cowboys, their offense lives and dies by running back Ezekiel Elliott. A majority of offensive plays called by the Cowboys involve Elliott, whether by rushing with or catching the rock.

Once Elliott gets going, quarterback Dak Prescott can take over and pick apart the defensive secondary by throwing to his receivers downfield. And very rarely did a slot receiver like Beasley become a beneficiary of too many targets.

Take it from Bryant, he knows exactly what Beasley meant by his comments, and he saw no ill will from the former Dallas Cowboys slot receiver.