Details Reportedly Emerge From Domestic Violence Incident Involving Yankees' Domingo German

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game One
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game One / Elsa/Getty Images

Yankees fans have been upset over what's transpired over the past few hours, and rightfully so.

One of New York's best pitchers, Domingo German, was placed on Administrative Leave by the MLB after information surfaced about the right-hander being involved in a domestic violence incident, for which, at the time, no details were provided.

But now reports have emerged regarding his role in what had happened between the pitcher and his wife.

German pitched on Wednesday despite this occurring earlier in the week, and given the timing, it's possible we won't see him for the rest of the year given how sensitive of a topic this has been in the sports world.

So it's not going to matter that German's record has been clean in this regard up until this point.

This type of behavior is reprehensible and the fact that it occurred in a public setting is even more horrific. German is going to pay for his actions while at the same time lose support among the Yankees fanbase.