Details of AJ Hinch's Behavior During Sign-Stealing Scandal Have Emerged and They're Insane

Details have emerged of AJ Hinch's behavior during the sign-stealing scandal.
Details have emerged of AJ Hinch's behavior during the sign-stealing scandal. / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The gavel has been laid down by Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros faced a massive punishment for their role in the sign-stealing scandal, dating back to the 2017 season. When the dust settled, manager AJ Hinch was suspended for one year before being fired by Astros owner Jim Crane.

The commissioner's investigation revealed several interesting facts about Hinch's behavior during the scandal, claiming that he didn't devise the plan, went as far as to smash monitors to show his displeasure, and yet halted nothing.

The investigation revealed that Hinch didn't agree with the players and bench coach Alex Cora's method of decoding pitches by using monitors and banging on trash cans. In fact, Hinch destroyed monitors on two occasions to express his disapproval of the whole scheme.

Yet, he didn't put a stop to it, by any measure, and continued benefitting from the resulting victories until ultimately earning himself a ring.

Manfred rightfully declared that it was Hinch's responsibility as club manager to put an end to the fiasco and bring it to the attention of general manager Jeff Luhnow. Hinch never did so, and Manfred said that despite his regret, the league had no choice but to suspend him for a full year.

This report paints AJ Hinch in a strange light, but it's his job to put an end to anything that's unethical. Instead, Hinch rode the behavior to glory, all while rolling his eyes and smirking at any accusations.

Now, all eyes are on the league's investigation of the Boston Red Sox, where manager Alex Cora is expected to face similar discipline.