Deshaun Watson Listed as Betting Favorite to Be Patriots Starting QB in 2021 and Fans Are Losing it

Deshaun Watson, Frank Clark - American Football Player
Houston Texans fans may riot if Deshaun Watson does not receive a contract extension. | David Eulitt/Getty Images

Houston Texans fans are already livid with Bill O'Brien for trading DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals. Any more major moves that actively hurt the team could cause Texans fans to demand O'Brien be fired.

The worst-case scenario would be losing Deshaun Watson. His fifth-year option for 2021 has not yet been picked up and with O'Brien in charge, anything can happen.

Well, oddsmakers in Vegas are taking bets on the future quarterback situation for the New England Patriots, and to everyone's surprise, they've listed Deshaun Watson as the favorite.

Watson ending up with New England would be great for the Patriots and an absolute disaster for the Texans. Fans are already planning to give up football if O'Brien allowed Watson to leave or if he made a trade involving the quarterback.

Patriots fans, on the other hand, are all for this idea, already willing to take the Bill Belichick route in order to get things done.

The fact Watson is even showing up in such betting odds is enough to scare Texans fans. There has to be some chatter of O'Brien potentially wanting to move on from Watson. Why he would actually do that is a total mystery and one fans can't figure out, but the Patriots could stand to reap the rewards.

O'Brien has full control over the Texans franchise. Letting Watson go or making another bad trade could be what it takes for him to lose his job. Or for Texans fans to just stop showing up to games in protest.