Derek Jeter to Reportedly Give up Marlins Salary Indefinitely in Awesome Gesture Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Derek Jeter will be forgoing his salary.
Derek Jeter will be forgoing his salary. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

While many across this country have encountered recent financial strain that they never could've anticipated, some of our nation's executives and leaders have taken great strides to help out.

In an effort to release the burden from some of his lower-level employees, Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter has taken the lead, forgoing his $5 million salary indefinitely so that his organization can remain viable.

There are pay cuts, and then there are complete salary pauses that provide great relief to those less fortunate. No matter how you slice it, Jeter is doing a great service for the Marlins organization here.

Per Jeter, other Marlins executives took cuts as well in an effort to ensure that all members of the organization would be paid through May 31, the looming date that MLB sources have been willing to extend themselves to thus far.

Just 24 hours after Rob Manfred cleared a path for teams to begin to furlough less essential employees in the coming weeks, it's inspiring that many of the game's top earners are still finding drastic ways to keep the fabric of the game employed during unprecedented, difficult times.